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Our Vision

Archery should be safe and fun. This balance is critical to make the experience in our programs exciting for all who want to explore the way of the bow. Our ‘learn by playing’ philosophy enables us to integrate key concepts of the shot process with unique challenges that engage students and give them a goal to work towards.

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Our Team

We are a passionate group of instructors, coaches and trainers dedicated to expanding the sport of traditional recurve archery. While many of us come from different backgrounds, we share in the belief that we are teachers, not archers. The 21st century has given us many technologies, but often, in the age of instant gratification, we forget that the most rewarding things are those that require time, effort and perseverance.

All members of our team strive to emphasize this mantra throughout every class. With positive reinforcement and a high energy atmosphere, we motivate students to raise their standard of success and focus more on the process rather than the result. Participants of all ages will find that the skills practiced during class will build confidence, boost self-esteem and stay with them long after they have left the archery range.

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